London Attacks: Indications of Pre-Attack Preparations

March 24, 2017

The attack against the Palace of Westminster and innocent civilians along Westminster Bridge continues to follow a recent pattern of terror incidents, namely, an asymmetrical attack using common items such as vehicles and knives against crowded, public targets. At first glance, the attacks in Nice, Berlin and London would appear to be random acts of violence carried out by lone-wolves radicalized on-line, with little pre-attack preparation. Our analysis would argue this last point. In looking at the London attack specifically, a couple of things stand out to us:

While many more details related to this attack will likely be made public in the coming days and weeks, we believe it is highly likely the evidence will show that this was far from a random act of violence, and probably preceded by at least some pre-attack planning and intelligence collection by the individual(s) involved.

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