Potentially Malicious Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Increases

October 20, 2016

This is an interesting report by the Combating Terrorism Center on the threats posed by drones and other unmanned aerial systems. At TRAPWIRE, we have noted a significant increase in the number of UAS-related incidents reported by both our private and public sector clients over the past 18 months. These incidents have often occurred at or near critical infrastructure, military installations and public venues. Regardless of whether the UAS operator was identified, TRAPWIRE sites have increased their awareness and ability to identify potentially malicious UAS activity. These incidents are one of many areas where See Something Say Something type reporting from the general public has proven to be critical. This report from CTC shows why we continue to encourage all of our clients to remain vigilant to this potential threat.

Excerpted from:
Remotely Piloted Innovation: Terrorism, Drones and Supportive Technology
by Don Rassler
October 20, 2016
Combating Terrorism Center

This report seeks to address [a] gap by providing a review of, and framework to situate, cases in which terrorist entities have either shown a substantive interest in drones or have used them. It evaluates both individual use cases and the activity of groups that have used drones frequently enough to constitute their having a “program.” These cases are then complemented by a review of the creative ways that private citizens have used drones, in order to provide decisionmakers with a firmer baseline of both demonstrated terror capability and what lies within the immediate realm of possibility, given what has already been achieved by others. This report also includes an overview of new technologies that are likely to further complicate the scope of this developing threat.

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