Preventing Terrorism

November 1, 2006


Originally published by Crime & Justice International
by R. Daniel Botsch and Michael T. Maness, TRAPWIRE Inc.
November/December 2006

It has become commonplace to declare that the world has changed since the attacks of September 11th. We are all acutely aware of the new security challenges and threats we face from terrorism across the globe. Yet, our approach to protecting high-value targets has not significantly changed with the times. We adhere to the traditional approach to counterterrorist security the world over, which is to “harden” the target. Build bigger and thicker walls, install fencing and delta barriers, station armed guards at conspicuous locations, check all vehicles and personnel entering the facility, etc. This approach often reffered to as “gates, guns and gaurds,” may mitigate the consequences of an attack, but it will do little to prevent the attack from occurring.

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