Re-Evaluating Corporate Security

December 14, 2015


Following news of an attack on a work group, companies are left wondering whether they should ramp up security, and if so by how much? Should office buildings install metal detectors? Should doctors’ offices have silent alarms at the reception desk? Do retailers need an in-store security guard?

“Every business is different so security is going to be fundamentally designed around what the culture of your organization is suited for in the context of what are the risks, threats and vulnerabilities?” says Arnette Heintze, a former Secret Service agent and co-founder and CEO of Chicago security company Hillard Heintze.

2015 Mass Shootings: Security Experts Advise Companies
by Amy Nordrum
International Business Times

While the physical security mitigation efforts listed above (gates, guns and guards) remain a critical piece of every security plan, they are only half of the solution. History has shown that these features rarely, if ever, stop a determined attacker. A complete security posture requires the inclusion of threat detection capabilities – such as surveillance detection training and an intelligent incident reporting and analysis system like TRAPWIRE – to actually identify and stop the event from happening.

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