TrapWire Launches New Threat Detection System

April 4, 2017


RESTON, Va., April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TrapWire Inc. launched the newest version of their flagship threat detection and analysis system on 3 April 2017. TrapWire 7.0 includes advanced analytic tools, a user-specific threat alert capability, mass warning and notification mobile apps, and a national secure communications platform. Version 7.0 provides a true Common Operating Picture platform for the ingestion, dissemination, and analysis of Suspicious Activity Reporting, security incidents, and crime data across the public and private sectors.

Dan Botsch, TrapWire Inc. President, explained the challenge addressed by TrapWire 7.0: “Our clients are collecting and managing hundreds of threat reports covering criminal activity, terrorist planning and insider threats. Since each of these reports could represent a potential disaster for their organization, they needed a capability to detect threats within this data quickly and efficiently. The release of TrapWire 7.0 will dramatically improve their ability to detect and preempt threats to their personnel and facilities. In addition, our clients will compare and analyze their reporting against thousands of reports from other clients across our entire network.”

Initial reactions from major government and private sector clients have been positive.

The Director of a State Fusion Center responsible for counter-terrorism efforts stated: “TrapWire 7.0 will provide Fusion Centers with increased ability to connect vital information with the kind of speed and accuracy that is essential in identifying and preventing terrorist activities.”

The added capabilities have been equally well received by private sector clients, according to Mr. Botsch. “Providing advanced analytics is critical, but it is equally important to ensure ease of use for our customers. A difficult to use system is a major impediment to threat reporting, which is why this issue is so important to our product team.” A Senior Security Executive in the Gaming and Hospitality Industry who has used TrapWire for seven years stated, “the new TrapWire 7.0 platform is easy to use, intuitive, and an absolute priceless analytic tool in protecting our human and capital assets as well as our critical infrastructure.”

About TrapWire Inc.: TrapWire is a provider of state-of-the-art threat detection, risk mitigation and surveillance detection technologies. These platforms are supported by subject matter experts with experience in intelligence operations and analysis. The TrapWire National Network connects more than 2,500 critical infrastructure sites across all 50 states. Clients include DOD, federal law enforcement organizations, and state Fusion Centers, as well as private energy, hospitality, finance and transportation sectors.

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