Unprecedented threats facing U.S.

February 1, 2016

Another excellent article from WTOP reporter J.J. Green. This article accurately captures the new reality of terrorism: small, self-radicalized and self-sustaining cells of operatives who avoid (or hide) communications with terror leaders overseas will be extremely difficult to detect. A new approach is needed, whereby law enforcement, the intel community and the private sector improve information sharing in order to “connect the dots.”

Target USA: DNI Jim Clapper reveals unprecedented threats facing U.S.
by J.J. Green

WASHINGTON — For more than 50 years as a military officer and in the U.S. government, James R. Clapper has been getting up early each day to look for the breadcrumbs that the nation’s adversaries and enemies leave behind. His job has been to collect the dots, connect them and report what he’s learned.

As the director of national intelligence, he reports directly to President Barack Obama. What he’s telling the president is increasingly disturbing.

“In my 50-plus years in intelligence, I don’t know if we’ve been beset by a more diverse array of challenges and crises around the world,” said Clapper in an exclusive interview with WTOP.

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