5 Signs of Online Bullying in Schools

May 11, 2022

With the continued influence of social media platforms, the switch to online learning during the pandemic, and ever-faster Internet speeds, students have more freedom now than ever when it comes to online communication. While increased Internet usage has improved learning for many students thanks to accessibility and available resources online, time behind the screen isn’t always productive. According to Comparitech, cyberbullying has been on the rise since 2018. Unfortunately, cyberbullying can be hard to catch on school grounds or using traditional school safety approaches, since it is often done outside school hours. However, all teachers and administrators need to be aware of cyberbullying indicators and some of the different ways to prevent it from occurring. 

Bullying Signs to Watch Out For 

While it might be challenging to track cyberbullying patterns directly on school grounds or on school-authorized computers, staff should be cognizant of the emotional changes that can occur in a student who might be experiencing cyberbullying. Some signs include: 

  1. A student becoming upset, sad, or angry during or after being online or using their phone 
  2. An unexpected decline in a student’s grades 
  3. Increasing absence from class and other normal activities 
  4. An overall reluctance or resistance to participate in a class or desire to go to school in general, especially when a student has not shown these tendencies previously 
  5. Withdrawal from friends and spending more time alone 

If you notice a student or even your child at home displaying these signs, don’t be afraid to say something. Although approaching these situations can be tricky, talking to your administrators or professionals is critical.    

Create a Positive School Environment 

School districts should implement social, emotional, and behavioral support systems to create a climate that supports and responds to student behavior and establish strict rules for computer and technology usage. Your school should consider software that blocks certain websites, tracks online activity, and allows for recall of emails, instant messaging, and other student communications. 

Preventing Online Bullying with the Technology Right Partner 

Monitoring what happens within the walls of your schools is the first step in ensuring that an educational environment is genuinely conducive to the learning and success of your students. TrapWire’s approach to school safety puts your school front and center. With a platform like TrapWire Athena, your school can control your data and choose how much or little information to share across the network or with local law enforcement. 

Whether attempting to identify bullying, criminal offenses, or looking to cooperate with law enforcement on thwarting acts of physical violence against your school, TrapWire Athena provides a single, common operating platform that allows for real-time threat detection and information sharing. 

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