Dangers of Profiling in Counter-Terrorism

March 7, 2016

ISIS will continue to use terror tactics and techniques that test the standard operating procedures of western intelligence and law enforcement agencies. This article highlights the dangers of using profiling when it comes to countering terrorism. ISIS’ increased use of local citizens, females and the young shows that the old focus on adult male foreign nationals is an ineffective and potentially serious flaw in standard security practices. As we show in our Surveillance and Threat Detection Training: the focus must be on the activity, not the ethnic make-up of the individual.

UK terror chief warns of ‘enormous’ attack
by John Bacon
USA Today

Rowley said terrorism-related arrests throughout the United Kingdom in 2015 totaled a record 339. He said the number of arrests rose 57% in the last three years over the previous three years. About half of the arrests led to charges, he said. Last year, 77% of those arrested were British nationals, 14% were female, and 13% were under 21, the Telegraph reported.

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