A single analytics platform to make sense of your threat data — in real-time.

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Seize the Information Advantage, with TrapWire

We live in a world of information overload. We can’t change that, but we can help you focus on the patterns and trends that matter.

TrapWire technologies will dramatically improve your threat identification and reporting capabilities. The system’s robust analytical algorithms and artificial intelligence will detect the signal in the noise, allowing you to focus your limited resources where they are needed most. Most importantly, you will have the power of the Network, enabling you to benefit from the threat patterns identified by thousands of TrapWire users worldwide.

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TrapWire Offers a Comprehensive and Proactive Approach to Threat Detection and Protective Intelligence.

Learn why thousands of intelligence, military, counter-terrorism, law enforcement and security professionals use TrapWire to fulfill their protective missions.

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The TrapWire Difference

Real-Time. Community Driven. Robust Reporting.

TrapWire enables clients to protect their people, facilities and assets in a highly innovative, intuitive and effective way. Put succinctly, our technologies enable you to detect threats in the planning stages, thereby giving you a significant advantage over the groups and individuals targeting you.

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Experience Matters

Our clients are in the business of saving lives. Therefore, our client relationships must be based on trust, accountability, service, security and, most importantly, experience. TrapWire has been working with and supporting numerous DOD agencies, law enforcement organizations, high-value critical infrastructure and other entities for more than 15 years. Having served in military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations prior to working at TrapWire, we strive to become a trusted asset, a brother/sister in arms. We understand the concerns of our clients, as well as the threats and challenges they face. Experience matters.

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