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Shared Threats are best countered with Shared Security.

Join the foremost threat detection and collaboration Network available. Leverage the Network.

The TrapWire Network consists of tens of thousands of licensed users, spread across thousands of sites in the US and abroad. Leverage this robust, well-established information-sharing network to enhance your intelligence, law enforcement and security efforts, while retaining full control and ownership of your data – all on a highly secure, FedRAMP-authorized platform.

You Are Not In This Alone

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TrapWire’s U.S. Network of Sites

History has shown that the threats you face often target other organizations as well.  Whether they are transnational criminal organizations, terrorists, hostile intelligence services, cyber hackers, active shooters or other criminal elements, these threat actors often study multiple targets before taking action.  TrapWire allows you to spot these patterns of activity as they are happening: 

100% of organizations on the TrapWire Network have benefited from threat information shared with them by other Network members.


In their first year on the Network, new members have a greater than 90% chance that they will be made aware of potential threats to their personnel by other Network members.  


85% of organizations on the Network have been affected by one or more Threat Patterns linking them to other Network members.


Approximately 20% of all threat patterns are cross-client, often affecting organizations that do not normally communicate with each other.

Made aware of potential threats 90%
Organizations that have been affected 85%
Cross-client 20%

“On several occasions, we learned of significant threats to our personnel through the reporting shared with us by other organizations on the TrapWire Network. Even if we were to never file a report of our own, the reports that have been shared with us via TrapWire more than justify our investment in the system.”


Value-added by Incorporating your Data

In addition to the benefits of joining a network of peers and stakeholders, TrapWire can bring value-added by ingesting information from other databases your personnel works with on a daily basis. Whether it is a most-wanted list, law enforcement BOLOs, sexual predator lists, or LPRs, we can ingest whatever data is important to you and present it on a single, common operating platform to help make sense of your threat profile.

The Principle of Originator Control (ORCON)

The TrapWire Network operates under the principle of Originator Control (ORCON). This means you control who can see your reporting, what they can view, and when. This is done without revealing information on potential vulnerabilities or other sensitive information.  And most importantly, you always own your data, forever. 

We recognize some clients may not be able to share their threat data, particularly those in the national security realm. Contact us for details on how we are supporting these sensitive clients as well. 

Joining the TrapWire Network means you are no longer an island.

Join the foremost threat detection and collaboration Network available.

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Experience Matters

Our clients are in the business of saving lives. Therefore, our client relationships must be based on trust, accountability, service, security and, most importantly, experience. TrapWire has been working with and supporting numerous DOD agencies, law enforcement organizations, high-value critical infrastructure and other entities for more than 15 years. Having served in military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations prior to working at TrapWire, we strive to become a trusted asset, a brother/sister in arms. We understand the concerns of our clients, as well as the threats and challenges they face. Experience matters.

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At TrapWire, the protection of our clients’ data is of utmost importance.

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