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TrapWire Solutions are built upon two central platforms:

TrapWire Polaris and TrapWire Gauntlet.

However, all of our technologies are designed to be flexible to the customer’s unique needs and environment. Therefore, our core platforms can be easily customized and augmented with additional capabilities, as described below. Finally, all TrapWire systems are backed by a variety of Services and Training programs, rounding out a comprehensive approach to public and private security.

As an upgraded feature, designated TrapWire Gauntlet users will be offered the ability to use TrapWire Sentry, our new Threat Assessment and Case Management tool. TrapWire Sentry allows you to build case files on persons or locations of interest, and then be automatically alerted in real-time when your subject/location is reported anywhere on the TrapWire Global Network. To learn more about TrapWire Sentry, follow this link.

TrapWire Platform Core Capabilities:

Web & Mobile Applications

for easy report entry and real-time feedback and alerts.

Automated Matching Algorithms

to detect patterns in large data sets and alert pre-designated personnel.

Advanced Analytical/Geospatial Capabilities

provide situational awareness, link analysis, advanced trend detection and data visualization/reporting.

Encrypted Messaging System

allows users to sharing reporting and other information in a highly secure environment.

Flexible by Design

TrapWire solutions are routinely customized to customer needs:

Modular Design

allows clients to add specific capability modules and to customize by the user by selecting from a wide variety of roles, permissions and levels of access.

TrapWire APIs

can be leveraged to cut through silos and integrate legacy databases with the TrapWire system.

Agile Development Team

deploys new functionality every two weeks at no charge to existing clients.

Award-Winning Client Support

threat analysis and support center

TrapWire Analysis and Support Center

provides analytical support, user assistance, and user training free of charge to all licensed users.

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