The TrapWire Difference

By combining cutting-edge technologies with real-world experience in intelligence operations and analysis, TrapWire Inc. has become the leader in proactive threat detection and response.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of:

The TrapWire Network

From your first day on the TrapWire system, you will be part of a broader, well-established security community that benefits from information shared on threats and patterns identified across thousands of existing sites. You will also be able to securely communicate with other TrapWire users via the TrapWire Secure Message Center, all while maintaining full control of your organization’s reporting.

  • Information Security
  • Analytic Support
  • Product Support
  • Data and Ownership Control

Information Security

Cyberattacks can cripple any organization, paralyzing operations and destroying an organization’s credibility with the public. According to various estimates, such attacks cost US companies and government agencies hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs every year. At TrapWire, we take this threat seriously, which is why we have invested heavily in cybersecurity and will continue to do so. As part of that effort, we are a FedRAMP-authorized private cloud provider, with sponsorship from the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. When it comes to protecting your data, we’ve got your back.

Analytic Support

All TrapWire clients are supported by the TrapWire Analysis and Support Center (TASC), a team of professional analysts who provide support to all clients on the TrapWire Network. TASC analysts are available for ad hoc tasking per customer needs.
trapwire single analytics platform

Product Support

TrapWire offers a broad spectrum of support to our clients, including custom software capabilities to address specific client needs; user support to assist with any product or user issue; and free, unlimited user training. Our Product Support specialists will not only ensure that our system operates as designed, but that your user experience is optimal.
cyber threat detection

Data and Ownership Control

TrapWire clients maintain full ownership and control of their data, forever. We do not hold your data hostage in an effort to increase your “switching costs.” While we have over a 95% customer retention rate, if your organization leaves the TrapWire Network, we ensure that your data is returned to you in a format that is useful to your operational needs. Furthermore, as a TrapWire client, you maintain full control of your data and how it is shared on our Network. While TrapWire is designed as an information-sharing platform, you decide with whom and under what circumstances your data is shared.

“The Texas Department of Public Safety has granted TrapWire Inc. its annual Vendor Performance Award with special recognition for “Exceptional Customer Service Response” for seven consecutive years. We are proud of this accomplishment and remain dedicated to supporting our clients in their important mission of ensuring public safety.”

Vendor Performance Award
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Experience Matters

Our clients are in the business of saving lives. Therefore, our client relationships must be based on trust, accountability, service, security and, most importantly, experience. TrapWire has been working with and supporting numerous DOD agencies, law enforcement organizations, high-value critical infrastructure and other entities for more than 15 years. Having served in military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations prior to working at TrapWire, we strive to become a trusted asset, a brother/sister in arms. We understand the concerns of our clients, as well as the threats and challenges they face. Experience matters.

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