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school safety platform trapwire athenaViolence in our schools typically unfolds as a double tragedy.

The first is the incident itself and the consequences suffered by the victims and their families. The second tragedy comes in the aftermath when the inevitable missed “red flags” are reported. In the months following the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, it became clear that for at least two years, there were multiple warnings of the threat posed by the perpetrator. Family members, neighbors, classmates, counselors and others issued warnings to no avail. To prevent such attacks, we need to understand why these warnings failed. If we can address the second tragedy we will help stop the first.

TrapWire Athena provides law enforcement and schools the ability to report indicators of pending school violence. Athena’s matching algorithms constantly search for threat patterns and warn designated officials of detected threats in real-time. The identified threat pattern is then provided to those in a position to intervene and stop the attack.

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Our approach to School Safety utilizes the same high standards of threat detection and data security employed on behalf of some of the most sensitive government sites and organizations across the country.

Whether you are a single school (K-University) or a large school district, the Athena School Safety platform is designed to identify threats that could affect your students, staff or community.

Filing a Report

Reports can be filed anonymously or with identifying information, and all data is encrypted to meet the highest government standards. You choose how much or how little information to share across your platform and can push immediate action threats to local law enforcement with a single click of a button.

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TrapWire is a vital partner to the Interdiction for the Protection of Children program. One thing that law enforcement has learned is that many suspects travel. TrapWire provides us the capability to document encounters with High-Risk Threats to Children, and then use their analytical tools to detect threat patterns in the data collected.

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