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No two organizations face the same challenges in precisely the same environment.

Our clients come to us with a unique set of security challenges, threats faced, and resources available to address them. We work closely with each client to design solutions tailored to their individual needs and budget. Click on the links below to see how we are meeting the needs of the markets we serve.

TrapWire systems and services have been relied upon by defense, law enforcement, security and protective intelligence professionals to detect and disrupt threats for nearly two decades. By providing our clients a common-operating platform, structured data reporting mechanisms, cutting-edge AI, and subject matter expertise, we offer valuable threat intelligence and early warning to help secure everything from critical infrastructure and DOD installations to schools and private businesses. And all of this is housed on a secure cloud-based platform that has been FedRAMP authorized by the US Department of Defense, meeting the strictest standards for information security and privacy.

“TrapWire is an agile company that has readily adapted to the needs of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The TrapWire system provides analytical tools that allow for seamless information sharing and the ability to identify patterns across time and geography, improving law enforcement’s ability to detect, deter, and disrupt criminal activity. TrapWire has proven to be an invaluable partner to the Texas Department of Public Safety and has built a solid foundation for the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network.”


TrapWire Solutions for

Federal Government

Federal agencies face a broad spectrum of threats, including hostile foreign actors, terrorists, cybercriminals and insider threats. Identifying and eliminating these threats before they cause irreparable damage is a significant challenge but is precisely what TrapWire was designed to accomplish. Learn how our solutions provide you the exact capabilities you need to meet the challenge.

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TrapWire Solutions for

Public Safety

TrapWire solutions for Public Safety assist Fusion Centers, law enforcement and other first responders in organizing, analyzing and acting on a broad stream of threat intelligence. Collecting this information alone represents a serious challenge. Making sense of it can seem impossible. Let us show you how we can greatly simplify this task for you while providing the threat intelligence you need when you need it.

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TrapWire Solutions for


Schools face a wide variety of threats – from physical assaults and shootings to cyber-bullying and ideations of self-harm. These threats are often telegraphed by a series of indicators and patterns of behavior that, with the right analytic tools, can be detected and stopped. TrapWire Athena, our solution for schools and universities, helps you see the pattern before the tragedy.

Athena – Proaction is Prevention.

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TrapWire Solutions for

Private Sector

TrapWire offers tailored solutions for a private sector critical infrastructure, privately-owned public venues, and “soft targets” across multiple sectors. Since 2009, Our solutions have been helping our private sector clients protect their assets, personnel and brands from real-world and virtual/online threats.

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Value-added by Incorporating your Data

In addition to the benefits of joining a network of peers and stakeholders, TrapWire can bring value-added by ingesting information from other databases your personnel works with on a daily basis. Whether it is a most-wanted list, law enforcement BOLOs, sexual predator lists, or LPRs, we can ingest whatever data is important to you and present it on a single, common operating platform to help make sense of your threat profile.  

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With a client retention rate of greater than 95%, the thousands of TrapWire-protected locations across the US and overseas share in the comfort of knowing they are utilizing “best of” technologies and services to protect their sites and their people.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to join the TrapWire Network, contact us today.

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