TrapWire Helios

TrapWire Helios: Mass Warning and Notification System

mass warning and notification system
Tragedy strikes without warning. You do not know where or when it will strike or who will be best positioned to alert those in danger. Nevertheless, to save lives and mitigate the threat, you need to warn those at risk, in real-time. TrapWire Helios provides you the capability to do exactly that.

Helios was designed and deployed based on lessons learned from the attacks on US military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2015. Helios is a location‐based alerting system that enables users to quickly and securely alert other personnel about an emergency or other urgent event in real‐time, from the field, using their smartphone or other mobile devices. Helios’ business rules are flexible and can be customized to your organization’s specific requirements. Typically, recipients of the alert are selected automatically based on proximity to the event, the location of their post or facility in relation to the event, and/or their membership within an organizational hierarchy. Most importantly, when a tragedy occurs, those most in danger will receive an immediate warning and will have direct communications with your response team, enabling you to mitigate the threat and save lives.

trapwire helios

location‐based alerting system

TrapWire Helios capabilities include:

  • Real-time alert capability based on flexible, client-designed business rules.
  • Alerts can be issued horizontally, peer to peer, and vertically throughout your organization.
  • Two-way chat for on-site status updates and leadership response instructions.
  • Immediate feedback on the status for each user in the impacted area.
  • Leadership dashboard view provides real-time information on all personnel and facilities in the affected area.
  • All communications are stored for post-event investigations.
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