TrapWire Sentry

TrapWire Sentry:
the TrapWire Threat Evaluation and Management tool

In response to numerous requests from our clients, TrapWire Inc. has developed and deployed a new Threat Assessment and Management system called TrapWire Sentry.  

Dynamic Threat Management: Stay a step ahead of the threat

TrapWire Sentry provides users the ability to create a Threat Assessment on a person or location/event of interest, import data from various intelligence and information streams, and conduct a dynamic threat score based on a combination of the USSS and DHS Threat Assessment models. As information is added on a subject or location, designated users will be notified of updates to threat assessment and score in real time – thus allowing clients to more closely monitor subjects and quickly triage threats that appear to be on a path to violence.

In addition, designated users will be automatically alerted in real-time when their subject/location is reported on the TrapWire Global Network, allowing them to leverage threat reporting from thousands of sites across the US.

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Create a file on a person, location or event

Ingest data from various intelligence networks


Get automatic alerts when the subject is reported on TrapWire

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) requirements

With an increasing number of states mandating Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) requirements for School Safety and the security of public spaces, TrawWire Sentry enables you to meet your threat assessment requirements while dramatically improving your ability to detect, analyze and deter threats to your community.

Additionally, TrapWire Sentry offers the ability to securely share your threat data with anyone on the TrapWire National Network via our FedRAMP-authorized communications platform in real time.

Professionals involved in School Safety, Insider Threat Management, Public Safety, Force Protection or Site Security will benefit from TrapWire Sentry. Please contact us to learn more.

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