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In today’s threat environment, you need timely, credible, specific intelligence on what is coming, not on what has already happened.

This is exactly what TrapWire Polaris provides. Currently deployed to thousands of sites in the US and abroad, Polaris enables users to significantly broaden their threat detection and reporting capabilities; detect threat patterns in that sea of data in real-time; and, most importantly, engage proactively.

threat intelligence platform
threat intelligence platform polaris

TrapWire Polaris is at the heart of what we do.

Put succinctly: We provide you with the ability to bring all of your security and threat data onto a single screen for real-time analysis and alerting. Using a combination of advanced AI, proprietary algorithms and identifiers, coupled with real-world expertise, we allow you to detect threats hidden in your own data, and then respond accordingly.

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TrapWire Polaris core capabilities include:

Fast and easy incident reporting capability, including via mobile applications, using consistently structured data reporting templates.

Automated, real-time pattern matching using AI and proprietary algorithms. Patterns can be identified using non-Personally Identifiable Information only, or with PII, if your organization collects such data. A Facial Comparison module is available as well for those organizations that want to leverage our facial recognition technology. All report matching is confirmed by a human in the loop, combining the strengths of cutting-edge technology with the necessity of human judgment.

TrapWire Polaris’ advanced analytical capabilities enable users to reveal additional patterns and trends in their data, including time, geospatial and frequency patterns as well as trends in the evolution of tactics and techniques used by threat actors.

An in-system collaboration capability allows peer-to-peer sharing of reports, imagery, patterns, analytical reports, and other information in a fully encrypted, secure manner. Users can then collaborate to expand their understanding of shared threats.

TrapWire Polaris can efficiently network an unlimited number of facilities and personnel across broad geographic regions for information sharing, analysis and collaboration purposes. Each organization decides with whom and when its information is shared. Most importantly, all TrapWire clients retain full ownership of their data.

TrapWire Polaris is a secure, encrypted, web-based application that has received FedRAMP Authorization. Polaris requires no hardware or software installation, leaves no technology footprint behind your firewall, and can be configured to integrate with your existing communications and security systems.

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