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TrapWire Athena School Safety Platform

Our approach to School Safety puts you, the school, front and center. You control your data and choose how much or how little information to share across the network or with local law enforcement. Whether you are attempting to identify students at risk of self-harm, bullying, or criminal offenses, or looking to cooperate with law enforcement on thwarting acts of physical violence against your school – Athena provides a single, common operating platform that allows for real-time threat detection and information sharing.

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Our approach to School Safety utilizes the same high standards of threat detection and data security employed on behalf of some of the most sensitive government sites and organizations across the country.

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Whether you are a single school (K-University) or a large school district, the Athena School Safety platform is designed to identify threats that could affect your students, staff or community.

Reports can be filed anonymously or with identifying information, and all data is encrypted to meet the highest government standards. You choose how much or how little information to share across your platform and can push immediate action threats to local law enforcement with a single click of a button.

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