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threat detection system for public safetyPublic Safety is achieved through collaboration –

And collaboration is at the core of TrapWire Gauntlet, our threat detection system for Public Safety professionals.

By utilizing a structured data collection format, state-of-the-art AI, and the support of subject matter experts, we provide our Public Safety clients true protective intelligence in real-time. Suspicious activity reports, criminal incidents and threat data are instantaneously shared and analyzed across user groups and then pushed to local, state and federal Law Enforcement as needed – including a one-click push to the FBI’s eGuardian system. Private citizen SARs are shared with Law Enforcement via Community Member (See Something Say Something) platforms that we build and maintain across the country.

More than a dozen Fusion Centers rely on TrapWire for threat detection, analysis and sharing.

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threat detection system

TrapWire Gauntlet Core Capabilities include:

Multiple structured data reporting mechanisms enabling the broad-based collection of criminal and suspicious activity reporting.

Automated matching algorithms that detect threat patterns in real-time.

AI and other advanced analytical tools to empower analysts and investigators to cut through the noise and focus their limited resources where it will have the biggest impact.

Ability to integrate Gauntlet with existing databases via TrapWire APIs, including CAD and RMS systems. All TrapWire platforms enable clients to integrate their existing datasets for analysis and broader situational awareness.

A one-click push of Gauntlet reports to the FBI eGuardian system.

An in-system collaboration capability allows peer-to-peer sharing of reports, imagery, patterns, analytical reports, and other information in a fully encrypted, secure manner.

TrapWire Gauntlet is a secure, encrypted, web-based application that has received FedRAMP Authorization, meeting the stringent cybersecurity requirements of the US Department of Defense.

“TrapWire is a vital partner to the Interdiction for the Protection of Children program. One thing that law enforcement has learned is that many suspects travel. TrapWire provides us the capability to document encounters with High-Risk Threats to Children, and then use their analytical tools to detect threat patterns in the data collected.”

Interdiction for the Protection of Children Program 
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