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TrapWire, Inc. has been working with federal clients to secure their personnel and assets for more than fifteen years.

Today, we work with professionals at government agencies responsible for law enforcement, executive protection, protective intelligence, physical security, anti-terrorism, insider threats, counter-intelligence and cybersecurity. The core of our federal solution is TrapWire Polaris, a single platform for detecting, analyzing, visualizing and collaborating to address a broad spectrum of threats. For more information on this system, click here.

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We work with our clients to understand their unique needs
and then deliver a solution tailored to them.

These efforts have led to the development and deployment of various capabilities that augment and can be integrated with, the core TrapWire system, including:

TrapWire Helios

TrapWire Helios, an Urgent Alert and Warning capability that gives your people the ability to report threats in real-time. Threat alerts can be quickly forwarded to predetermined personnel, as well as to any licensed user within a customer-defined radius, or according to any set of business rules designed per client specifications. Two-way communications are then established with the threatened personnel, dramatically improving response time and establishing real-time situational awareness of breaking events.

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TrapWire Mobile Apps

TrapWire mobile apps enable licensed users to report on threats and/or criminal activity from any location. The broad distribution of these apps enables clients to cast a wide net to significantly enhance their threat detection and response capabilities. TrapWire mobile apps also include a capability for reporting on potentially hostile UAS activity.


TrapWire Community Member Portals

TrapWire Community Member Portals are deployed across the country and allow clients to leverage their existing workforce or a broader community to detect and report on suspicious activities and potential threats. Built upon the “See Something Say Something” concept, this capability is a powerful and cost-effective force multiplier for law enforcement, as well as private sector security.

A “System of Systems” Approach

In working with clients to solve their unique problems, we take what is commonly referred to as a “system of systems” approach. In some cases, this requires us to design and deploy TrapWire APIs to pull information from client databases for analysis within the TrapWire system. It is another tool enabling clients to cast a wide net in collecting, assessing and detecting threats. Similarly, we deploy APIs to push TrapWire reporting and analysis to other systems. For example, any client on the TrapWire system who has access to the FBI eGuardian system can push their reporting into eGuardian directly from TrapWire with the click of a button.

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TrapWire Training Programs

All TrapWire products are augmented with a variety of TrapWire Training Programs designed to improve your organization’s ability to detect and prevent threats to your personnel and assets. Whether you are looking for a one-hour threat detection seminar for your non-security employees or an intensive, one-week training program on advanced surveillance detection, our training programs can meet your threat detection needs.

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