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While anyone can talk about the problems associated with crime, terrorism, and school violence, very few of us actually get the opportunity to do something about it. Now you have that opportunity. Help us design, build, deploy and maintain cutting-edge technologies to support those on the frontlines of national security and law enforcement. Join our innovative team and make a difference.

TrapWire is seeking creative, dedicated professionals to join our growing company.  See available positions below.  If you believe you can contribute but do not see a fit below, we encourage you to send us your resume and tell us how you can help with our mission. TrapWire is an equal opportunity employer offering remote work options, competitive benefits, and a friendly, collaborative work environment.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

TrapWire Inc. has a great opportunity for a software engineer who is able to knock out high-quality (tested), high-performance (measured) code.

The ideal candidate fits in well with our team culture.
  • Pleasant to work with
  • No cowboy coding – this is a team effort
  • Happy to spend time designing before coding
  • Content to conform to team coding conventions
  • Seeks to improve the team/process with honest observations, but not finger-pointing
  • Doesn’t mind if someone changes your code
  • Grateful when a test engineer discovers a flaw
  • Suggests good ideas, but doesn’t mind if nobody likes it
  • Suggests bad ideas, and not afraid to laugh at yourself
  • Not afraid to ask questions
  • Not afraid to over-communicate
  • Believes in the company mission
  • Doesn’t break the build


  • Comfortable with Agile methodology for software development
  • Comfortable using TDD every day
  • Comfortable with a continuous integration build system
  • Comfortable with using tools like Skype and Slack


Deep experience with most of our core technologies:

  • IIS
  • .NET
  • NET MVC (Razor)
  • NET Web API
  • WCF
  • SQL Server
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • C#
  • JavaScript (TypeScript a plus)
  • jQuery
  • NHibernate
  • Visual Studio
  • NUnit
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Jenkins
Substantial experience developing AJAX-rich web applications using the technologies listed above, plus:
  • Experience dealing with different browsers
  • Familiar with HTTP and JSON
  • Comfortable debugging in a browser and with other tools
  • Good understanding of security issues

Familiar with using third-party API’s

Experience developing services in an n-tier SOA
  • Familiar with good design patterns
  • Familiar with scaling for performance and capacity

If you are passionate about software development have a strong desire to join a dynamic team working to build robust tools in the National Security and other security-related realms, we encourage you to contact us and provide your resume.

This position will provide competitive salary and benefits.

TrapWire Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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