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In this interview series, we speak with Mike Chang, Director of Operations for TrapWire, Inc. Prior to working at TrapWire, Mike served at the Central Intelligence Agency for 14 years as a counterterrorism operations officer, security officer, and senior instructor. He conducted counterterrorism operations and implemented crime prevention training programs focused on high-threat operations, surveillance detection, and weapons and tactics. Mike also served as a special agent on the personal security detail of the Director of Central Intelligence.

At TrapWire, Mike manages teams that help clients understand the potential threats posed to them by pre-attack and pre-criminal activity. Put simply, Mike’s team conducts surveillance and other Red Teaming activity against client sites to help them better understand their threat vulnerabilities. These exercises enable organizations to understand precisely how and why terrorists, active shooters, criminals, hostile intelligence services, and other bad actors would collect intelligence against them in preparation for a hostile act. This is a unique approach to security, and we hope to get a much better understanding of such operations from Mike.

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