Why TrapWire, Inc.

TrapWire Inc. was founded by security and intelligence experts in 2005 to design, build and deploy technologies and services for the protection of critical infrastructure and personnel.

Today, the TrapWire Network consists of tens of thousands of licensed users, spread across thousands of sites in the US and abroad. TrapWire systems are used to detect threats related to terrorism, trans-national criminal organizations, hostile intelligence services, human and narcotics trafficking, crimes against children, school violence, and other criminal activities.

Leverage this robust, well-established information-sharing network to enhance your intelligence, law enforcement and security efforts, while retaining full control and ownership of your data – all on a highly secure, FedRAMP-authorized platform.

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Current TrapWire Deployments Across the U.S.

By combining cutting-edge technologies with real-world experience in intelligence operations and analysis, TrapWire Inc. has become the leader in proactive threat detection and response.

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