Egypt Air: Potential Implications for Airport Security

May 19, 2016

Although the exact cause of Egypt Air flight MS804’s disappearance is unknown, western security officials are exploring the possibility of yet another terror attack against this airline company. While the investigation is still on-going, it will likely cause increased airport security procedures at US terminals – leading to even longer lines and missed flights for travelers. While the inconvenience is bothersome, the security implications are even more troubling. As the attack in Brussels (as well as Domodedovo International Airport in Russia in 2011) has shown, terror groups view crowded airport terminals as an easy target. Given the lack of security checks outside of the TSA screening zones, it is conceivable terrorists may make use of the current situation to launch Brussels style attacks against US airports. The traveling public should be encouraged to report any/all suspicious activity – no matter how seemingly insignificant – immediately to airport officials or local law enforcement.

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