FBI worried ISIL headed to D.C.

January 29, 2016

We encourage you to read the following article from J.J. Green of WTOP. We also agree with its conclusion: the increasingly desperate state of ISIS operations in Syria will inevitably push them towards expanding their attacks against soft targets elsewhere. There continues to be a steady stream of refugees fleeing the region and attempting to enter Europe. It is highly likely ISIS and other terror/criminal groups are seeding this flow with operatives. Our recommendation to our clients in the Washington DC area is remain alert and continue to report any/all suspicious activity.

Exclusive: FBI worried ISIL-recruited terrorists headed to D.C.
by J.J. Green

The FBI believes there is a “constant and persistent threat” to D.C. from the self-proclaimed Islamic State, the assistant director for intelligence for the FBI tells WTOP. The deterioration of the extremist organization has given its recruits a reason to escape. U.S. intelligence sources tell WTOP that could open D.C. and other major U.S. cities up to fleeing foreign fighters seeking revenge.

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