New Arrests in Brussels Continue to Support Predictions of Much Larger Cell

April 9, 2016

As we predicted immediately following the Brussels attacks, the terror network involved in this operation was extensive. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies will work to collect details on other members from these new arrests. In particular, security officials will be interested in identifying surveillance and logistics team members as these individuals often have a great deal of intelligence on previous and future operations. We continue to believe there were other operatives present in the airport terminal, whom authorities should be able to identify by studying CCTV footage at the site and through questioning of the newly arrests cell members.

Belgium warns of more terror cells as police arrest sixth suspect in Brussels bombing

While authorities continued to conduct raids throughout the country, Jan Jambon, the country’s interior minister, warned that there “are perhaps other cells that are still active on our territory.” Brussels remains under the second-highest terror alert, meaning an attack is considered likely.

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