The True Lone Wolf is Rare

January 22, 2016


Since the November Paris attacks federal prosecutors have already taken 10 people into custody over their suspected involvement, which appear to have been prepared mainly in Belgium. If the two latest detainees are kept in custody, their number would rise to 12. Last week, investigators said a number of the Paris attackers used two apartments and a house in Belgium as possible safe houses in the weeks leading up to their coordinated shooting and suicide bomb assault on the French capital. They also found a possible bomb factory for the Paris attacks in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek, with traces of explosives.

Belgium detains two further suspects over Paris attacks

Despite the growing use of the moniker “lone wolf,” it is rare that any successful terror attack (or major criminal event) is planned and carried out by just one person. Given the widespread geographical locations linked to the Paris attacks and the timing/coordination required to mount multiple-simultaneous attacks, we believe the arrest totals will increase as the investigation continues.

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